Ottawa Mortgage Office recently established a network of private mortgage lenders in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to help homeowners deal with their mortgage concerns including foreclosures, second mortgages, bad credit mortgages and power of sale.

Their private mortgage lenders specialize in the Ottawa region and can provide loans regardless of the homeowner’s credit score. They can provide bad credit mortgages and second mortgages to those who need money for the purpose they have in mind by using their client’s home equity. As long as there is enough equity in the property to support supplementary mortgages, homeowners can get the amount they need from the lender.

The private mortgage lenders at Ottawa Mortgage Office work closely with their clients to discuss their unique requirements, needs and situation to determine the right option for them. They can also offer debt consolidation, new home purchase loans and refinancing. Ottawa Mortgage Office is accredited by Mortgage Broker Store, one of the most respected mortgage brokerages in Canada. Their private mortgage lenders have extensive experience with properties not only in Ottawa, but in neighboring cities as well. They can also help homeowners who are facing foreclosures and power of sale. Their network of private lenders can stop power of sale and foreclosure by helping homeowners decide which option is best for them.

Lenders usually use the power of sale process as it is quicker and cheaper than the foreclosure process. Foreclosures usually take months, while the power of sale can evict the homeowner within 120 days once they default on their payments. Regardless of which process is used, the homeowner can lose their home equity due to legal costs. People facing an eviction can discuss the situation with the private lenders at Ottawa Mortgage Office to determine the ideal option for them. Extra accommodations may be given if they work with the lender. Homeowners may also get more time before they are evicted. The company’s private lenders are open to discussions and willing to listen to their client’s concerns.

Those who have received a Statement of Claim, Eviction Notice, Notice of Default and Writ of Possession from their lender can contact Ottawa Mortgage Office to review the documents with them. The team will not only explain the entire process, but also outline the best plan of action for their client’s situation.

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