Accident victims in Ottawa will soon have a greater variety of options when it comes time to choose an attorney for their case. A new personal injury lawyer Ottawa will soon be opening its doors in the community, and intends to welcome a wide variety of injury claims. The firm will specialize in six different practice areas and is preparing to launch a website that fully details their services. The website will allow victims of personal injury and their loved ones easy access to information about the firm so they can get the education they need before contacting the firm about a legal consultation. It will also provide details about the law firm’s mission, pricing, and contact information.

Services Offered by the New Law Firm in Ottawa

Personal injury affects citizens of Ottawa every day. Accidents can happen on the job, while driving, during public outings, and at home. When someone else’s neglectful or reckless behaviour is the reason for your injury, you have a personal injury claim. Ottawa’s newest law firm aims to provide legal assistance to local injury victims. Their practice areas include animal attacks (such as dog bites), work-related injuries, car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, and wrongful death. Accident victims or their immediate family can file a claim with the law firm. For injury victims that are curious about what kind of legal action they can take, the firm offers free case evaluation sessions. They take on cases between individuals, clients and insurance companies, and against corporations that have caused people harm through neglectful actions.

Ottawa’s new personal injury law firm will soon be launching a website that will provide detailed information about their firm and their services. Interested parties can use the upcoming site to read more about each of the firm’s areas of practice and to learn how to get in touch and schedule a consultation.

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