Online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Wish, apparently aren’t able to catch up with the pace of mobile e-commerce video providers. Imagine you are watching beauty blogger's new lipstick shade test video, at the same time you can also purchase the lipstick with a click on the player page within 5 seconds, isn’t this shopping experience amazing?

Recently, a mobile video shopping guide called OurMall set off a craze in the fashion industry, and its new shopping model has aroused the hot discussion among young women.

For the girls who love shopping, it’s a happy thing to buy their favorable products while watching the product review video. Now, OurMall can make it come true for people to shop while watching videos.

Cure your phobia of choice

Most of the young fashionable women who like shopping have a phobia of choice. Have you ever been in a situation where you bought something wrong?

Wise people will look at real and professional product review videos before buying. OurMall is just born to help solve this big problem. Before buying, in OurMall users can search many product review videos shot by fashion and makeup bloggers, and listen to the real evaluations and experience of using. Different from the commercial TV shopping guide, like QVC, the fashion blogers’ reviews are very pertinent in OurMall. Many users said that after watching the video they never buy the wrong things.

It is known that OurMall is not only a mobile video shopping platform , but also a new business model. There are not only real evaluations, but also a lot of courses on professional beauty, manicure and dressing. By using user's choice, habits and big data, OurMall made a variety of technical algorithms which are flexibly applied in various push skills, so the video and goods you like will be accurately pushed to the front.

Shopping needs interaction

OurMall is not only a mobile video shopping app, but also a community for fashion and beauty enthusiasts to share their ideas. It is reported that OurMall has wide cooperation with hundreds of YouTube hot fashion bloggers, beauty masters, to provide fashion loving women with free and professional courses and tips for dressing, makeup, skin care, hair and manicure. In the funny videos, the bloggers talk about the product clearly and logically, which will give you a lot of inspiration of dressing and makeup.

Recently, OurMall mobile app has been launched with brand new direct cooperation with high-quality brands suppliers, to provide consumers with a wide range of fashion and beauty products that are cheap and fine .

According to the founder of OurMall, OurMall is not only a mobile video shopping guide app, and it is more likely to turn into a women's fashion and beauty sharing community where users can express their own fashion opinions.

He believes that everyone has their own unique fashion taste. And a more intuitive and convenient platform should be provided for them to show their taste in the videos, and to get more fun and interaction in shopping. So, a new function, called Show, will be online in the next version of OurMall, so that users can watch the video, while evaluating and picking the goods. Let us look forward to it!

OurMall was launched in August 2016. It's founding team are all from the e-commerce industry, and hundreds of fashion bloggers and suppliers have signed to cooperate with OurMall. The original short videos shot by fashion bloggers can display the quality of the goods in a direct and dynamic way. This mobile video e-commerce platform has subtly built relationship with young consumers by sharing their life and entertainment in it, and more and more young users find their fancy for OurMall.

All in all, OurMall is a brand new electrical business model, it is not only a major mobile shopping platform for young people, but also with interactive entertainment genes. If you love fashion, love shopping, OuMall is your best choice to be downloaded!

iOS download: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/ourmall/id1133962714?mt=8

Android download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ourmall

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