Perth, Australia - A short 2D animated film, “Second Wind HD”, is enjoying a digital release by the video production firm Out Of The Box.

Second Wind HD is a six-minute long story that follows the gripping tale of two friends, “Le Chat” and Archie. They go on a spiritual journey together through life and death. This animated children’s book is now available on the wide-reaching Apple iPad platform and has received many glowing reviews.

The illustrated film offers refreshing aesthetics thanks to the blending of paper and pencil cell animation. It was created, directed and animated by Ian Worrel. You might know him as the art director for Disney’s Gravity Falls, an Emmy award-winning animated TV series.

Music for the Second Wind HD film was made by James Mark, with the sound design by Jeff Shiffman. Additional animation input comes from David Nam, Destiny Wood, and Ethan Metzger.

Out Of The Box’s creative director, Olivier Mamet, believes the Apple iPad offers the perfect platform for children’s picture books. “We are thrilled to have our second book published in this media,” said Mr. Mamet.

“We wanted to marry the amazing world of 2D moving animation and the interactivity of the iPad to give a page turn effect to it."

Second Wind HD is available in the App Store for US$2.99. It is compatible with all Apple iPad models that are running iOS 7.0 or later, and is a 261MB download. It has a 4+ rating on the App Store, meaning it contains no objectionable content.

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