Los Angeles, CA; 12, January 2015: MommyHiker.com publisher Jennifer Fontaine announces the launch of Outdoor Families Magazine a free digital magazine for families interested in getting outside. The magazine, available at http://www.outdoorfamiliesonline.com strives to enrich the lives of multi-generational families worldwide by providing unparalleled outdoor and adventure related content meant to inspire a connection to, participation in ,and stewardship of the natural world.

The magazine’s advisory board is comprised of more than 30 business and thought leaders in the outdoor family and adventure market, including its editor, Erin Kirkland, author of Alaska on the Go: Exploring the 49th state with children. In charge of finding compelling stories and personal perspectives that fit with Outdoor Families’ core values and mission to encourage and inspire a love of outside spaces, Kirkland will also eventually produce a monthly podcast for the magazine, as an additional means for adults and kids to connect with a diverse range of cultures, people, and places around the world.

Outdoor Families Magazine will be the go-to resource hub, cultivating a robust, engaged community that connects with people who are interested in obtaining information related to family outdoor sports, activities and play, environmental stewardship, volunteering, adventure travel, mind and body nourishment and green living resources, ideas and tips. “There is a lack of relatable content available to families who simply want motivation and inspiration to get outdoors with their kids,” said Jennifer Fontaine founder of Outdoor Families Magazine. “This magazine will fill a void in the rapidly-growing market of outdoor family adventure and we intend to thoughtfully lead the movement.” Fontaine will oversee the overall design, aesthetic and content direction of the magazine.

To add value and authority to the magazine’s brand, operations manager Traci Lehman is leading a team of research and development experts. This team is dedicated to conducting research and obtaining documentation to support the magazine’s mission regarding a burgeoning outdoor family adventure market, the benefits of outdoor time, and the barriers families face with regards to getting outside. Outdoor Families Magazine is committed to reshaping the way the Outdoor Industry as a whole relates to and addresses families by providing in-depth analysis of outdoor family spending trends, travel planning behaviors, and the scope of this niche demographic.

About Outdoor Families, LLC:

Outdoor Families, LLC was founded by travel writer and publisher, Jennifer Fontaine, author and freelance journalist, Erin Kirkland and IT analyst and writer, Traci Lehman. Outdoor Families Magazine and Community aims to create the next generation of children that love the outdoors as well as become the resource for and the industry leader in representing outdoor families around the world. This unique collaboration will allow experts and thought leaders to share their vast and varied expertise in a central location for the benefit of the larger Outdoor Family Community.

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