The OutlookExporter is an Outlook plugin that is dedicated to export Outlook emails to other devices such as hard disk, USB stick, server, and file system, where it can be stored securely. The plugin is significant and pertinent in the era of all the NSA/Snowden/Backdoor revelations. The OutlookExporter helps the user to read and also share Outlook emails, without actually using Outlook. Whether one needs to export few emails or more than a 100k on emails, the user just needs to use the drag-drop feature and the emails or the folders with the emails will be exported conveniently. The plugin becomes handy when an individual or an organization wants to protect emails from snoops, be it the Government, unintended installed plugins or malware.

The main advantages for users are as follows:

- Export Outlook emails to hard disks and servers easily
- Store emails as documents and access from anywhere without the need of Outlook
- Can easily share emails with co-workers
- Protect emails simply by exporting them

The main advantages for adminstrators are as follows:

- Reduce the load of MS Exchange Server (email export)
- Reduce backup time of .pst files
- Future proof the access to emails by exporting email to open file formats

OutlookExporter is apt for corporate users, small business owners, and anyone who wishes to have all their emails, photos, word docs, PDFs, and all other files stored in on the filesystem in regular mime-html. The plugin is designed in a way to be user-friendly, secure, and safe. If one doesn’t like their personal and professional details trapped inside a vendor specific database than OutlookExporter is the right choice.

The Outlook plugin has been fully tested and works smoothly especially with workgroups who require to share emails constantly over different platforms without the need for an IMAP server.

OutlookExporter is the brainchild of Mike who took five years to devise & test this efficient Outlook plugin to help users like him to export emails. The main goal of the plugin is to export emails and access them without the need of Outlook. All the emails and attachments can be stored comfortably with other files and folders on one’s disk or server.

Media Contact:
Name: Michael Meelis
Email: frontdesk(at)
Phone: +31.174769025