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Offering highly accurate FEA Modeling services for Product design development, Part optimization and Cost reduction analysis at economical rates!

FEA Outsourcing India is premier Finite Element Modeling services company offering complete range of FEA engineering simulation, CFD fluid flow modeling and testing solutions to drive your design concepts to reality. Learn more at http://www.feaoutsourcing.com/fea-modeling.php

We have capabilities to provide range of FEA services:
• FEA Modeling
• Finite Element analysis
• FEM simulations
• Material Modeling (Creep, Deflection, Plasticity)
• Thermal Analysis (Transient, Conduction, Steady-state)
• Stress analysis
• Structural analysis
• Modal analysis
• Industrial FEA analysis
• Buckling analysis
• Fatigue analysis
• Linear/Non-Linear analysis
• Static/Dynamic analysis
• Product Optimization
• CFD Analysis
• Fluid Flow Modelling
• Solidworks FEA Design
• Related FEA Modeling support

Advantages of consulting our FEA Engineers:
• Focus on clients objectives and Result-driven approach
• Over 10 years of extensive industrial experience
• Less Design development time and Errors
• Proven techniques for reducing Material cost

Software expertise:
• LS Dyna
• Solidworks
• CosmosWorks
• Fluent
• Hypermesh
• Unigraphics
• Blade
• Others

Our team of certified FEM modelers and CFD engineers use their experience of FEA Analysis across industries like Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Military, Product development, HVAC, Marine, Energy, Consumer products, Environmental, Medical and others to resolve complex engineering problems in best possible manner.

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