A six sigma training implies that you will have a clear concept about various tools and techniques used in the concept in order to bring about a marked improvement in the quality of the process. Now, the degree of the training will vary from one level to another and in a six sigma black belt training will constitute training in a number of skill sets and making you adept in those skills. You will be able to deal with issues involving cross functional areas. This training takes around twenty days to be complete as the different levels of DMAIC methodology is explored in depth and the individuals are given training. This training can be taken online or through class room programmes according to the requirement or convenience of the trainee.

A six sigma black belt training will include an in depth training on the tools and techniques followed in six sigma for the purpose of process improvement. The methodology that is used is explained clearly so that the trainees have a clear concept of the entire programme. The role and functions of a black belt holder is explained properly. In the same way, the role of the team members is also clearly explained. The individuals are also trained to the right process of selecting particular project and the techniques to carry out the project in a way that is lucrative and effective for the organization.

One of the most important techniques used in six sigma is to convert the problem into a statistical model and then find a solution to it and consequently transforming it into a realistically achievable solution. This is something that is taught very carefully in six sigma black belt training.

Also, the trainees will be shown how to manage their projects efficiently to reach optimum results and attain maximum customer satisfaction. All the above steps are shown with the help of the DMAIC methodology of six sigma and the total time required to receive the training is about twenty days.

This course is ideal to be attended by the quality assurance managers, team leaders, project management and development managers, individuals interested in getting a six sigma black belt training and analysts and researchers of industrial training and developmental programmes. Organizations can also send teams of management and aspiring leaders for attending this training program.

Getting trained in six sigma is a step-by-step process and if someone wishes to get a six sigma black belt training they are required to first receive training in green belt and then go ahead with the next level. This will not only help them in acquiring the required skill sets but also enhance their comprehension ability of the methodologies of six sigma. It is for this reason that organizations that send their employees to get trained in the techniques of six sigma, prefer to start from the very first level. Each level has its own requisite features and eligibility criteria and it is important that those are followed so that the training is completed in the desired manner.

A six sigma black belt training will help enhance six sigma training methodologies for the individuals.