The United Kingdom, June 9, 2014: FIFA World Cup, 2014 is less than a week away from capturing everyone in its fever. Every sports enthusiast eagerly waits for the biggest sports event that is held on the surface of the Earth. Bitcoin Development Limited of the United Kingdom has done its preparation for the grand event too. Betting is one of the significant external attributes of football tournaments. So, the company has launched a website P2P Slots to facilitate Bitcoin betting. Like always, money in hundreds of millions will be spent on bets this World Cup too. However, the difference will be the streamlined online platform and the implementation of Bitcoin, which will simplify betting for any.

In this World Cup, periphery quiz has been reported to be using Bitcoin instead of currency for betting. This is going to give Bitcoin a substantial boost and regain hold in the market. According to a survey of football fans and Bitcoin users, 85% of the respondents said that the World Cup and Bitcoin will complement each other as result of the passion of football fans in betting for their favourite team and players. According to the analyses of various information media, the audience rating for the FIFA World Cup is going to be much greater than it was for the Olympics.

All the reports clearly signify, at least, to one fact that sportsbet is going to be at its climax during the FIFA World Cup, 2014. Betting is not only about earning money through careful predictions but also about exhibition of passion and support of loyal fans for their favourite teams and players. Not all bettors splurge lump sums. However, they still bet to be part of the excitement. Those who refrain due to uncertainty of legitimacy of bookers and lack of simple platform for the purpose can use the website of P2PSlot. It has been especially started to facilitate betting with Bitcoin conveniently and securely.

Prior to the 19th edition of FIFA World Cup, fans had to carry currency to enjoy the grandest sports event and bet. However, only in this World Cup will they be at ease of using Bitcoin to participate in the sideline excitement pertaining to the event. Bitcoin betting is going to provide a means of exhibition of passion to the football fans. P2P Slot website facilitates all types of betting such as handicap betting, double chance, correct score, total scores, total red cards, etc. Thus, bettors can bet according to level of keenness in their observation.

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P2P Slot is an online platform that facilitates Bitcoin betting of various categories such as correct scores, total scores, etc. It has been started and is regulated by the British Bitcoin Development Limited. It is a simple and streamlined means of betting in the World Cup safely and securely.