Los Angeles, California — Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center has announced the addition of Intravenous or IV nutritional therapy to administer vitamins, minerals, and needed calories directly into the bloodstream. In patients suffering from absorption or digestive issues, this new service can deliver a higher concentration of nutrients to the tissues than oral supplements can provide. Patients seeking a benefit from a rapid intake of nutrients are encouraged to call Dr. Fields of Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center today.

Dr. Peter Fields, a leading provider of prolotherapy in Los Angeles as well as platelet-rich plasma and other treatments, introduced this new IV nutritional therapy to help his patients to recover with higher levels of nutrients. Because some of these patients require rapid intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Dr. Fields realized he could offer IV treatments in a safe and effective manner. Patients receiving this new treatment have already expressed positive results.
Dr. Fields introduced this new treatment to provide relief from fatigue, to improve athletic performance, and support healthy immune system functioning. Patients receiving the IV nutritional therapy may be better able to fight illnesses and recover more easily from extreme exertion such as in sports performances. The goal of IV nutritional therapy is to bypass the intestinal barrier that limits absorption of important nutrients.

Intravenous nutritional therapy may be appropriate for those suffering from acute infections, those who have lost the functional integrity of enzyme pathways and those who are undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Dr. Fields has expressed that this treatment may offer up to 10 times the amount of nutrients than simple oral supplements could provide alone.

Along with the support of PRP and other appropriate treatments, this new service can be tailored to various treatment options. For example, IV therapy may be useful in delivering needed vitamins or in pulling toxins such as heavy metals from the bloodstream.

Dr. Fields has been providing treatments such as PRP in Los Angeles as well as prolotherapy and nutritional support for many years. Now, Dr. Fields offers IV nutritional therapy in addition to treatments for platelet rich plasma in Los Angeles and other supportive therapies. Patients eager to try this new service are encouraged to call Dr. Fields today.

About Dr. Fields and Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center:

Peter A. Fields, MD and DC, holds both medical and chiropractic degrees. As one of the few doctors in the nation to hold both types of certification, Dr. Fields began offering therapies such as knee surgery alternative in Los Angeles and has added regularly to the treatments offered by his practice. Today, Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center not only offers medically sound shoulder surgery alternative in Los Angeles as well as other alternative treatments but also a variety of wellness treatments. As a premiere shoulder injury doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Fields offers a variety of treatment options that embrace holistic approaches rather than the surgery and medication so often recommended by traditional medicine. Dr. Fields is a prominent knee doctor in Los Angeles as well as a practitioner of alternative medical treatments.

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