As part of our commitment to keeping our clients abreast of relevant international news, Pacific Tycoon is delighted to launch the first in our series of Trade Focus reports. Each report will be accompanied by a video to provide greater contextual information about the project being analysed.

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In the 21st century, vast infrastructure projects are required to tackle some of the greatest issues facing mankind. China is developing a number of mega projects to tackle issues ranging from environmental challenges to improving trade connectivity around the world. One such mega project is the Silk Road trade route.

The Silk Road represents a series of trade routes that were central to some of the earliest global relations known to civilization. The route linked regions of the Asian sub-continent with the West, extending 4,000 miles across an extensive transcontinental network.

The modern day trade routes are vital for developing economic relations not only with their Asian counterparts but also with The EU. The trade between these two economic powerhouses is worth €1 billion a day and vital to the prosperity of both.

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