Weight training is a form of physical training that involves anything from kettlebells and dumbbells to barbells with heavy weight plates or levypainot attached and weight lifting benches or painonnostopenkki.


While the use of kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells is pretty straightforward, the use of a weight training bench is more complicated and requires, at least at the beginning, the supervision of a personal trainer.


A weight lifting bench or painonnostopenkki is a piece of fitness equipment used to build muscle through contraction. This kind of product can be used to target various muscle groups and requires much more effort than a simple pair of kettlebells.


Generally, people who use weight training benches are people involved in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Also, men participating in competitions where they have to pull heavy trucks or other vehicles like to work out with weight lifting benches, to increase their strength.


The weight lifting bench uses the force of gravity to build muscle in your body. To work at such bench, you are required to lie back and lift a barbell that has some weight plates or levypainot attached. It is very easy to drop the barbell and crush your shoulders and chest, that is why you need the supervision of a fitness instructor.


A barbell that is not incorporated into a weight training bench usually stays on the floor and the person practicing weight training is required to lift the barbell above his head, with both hands. In this case, if the person is not able to lift the barbell, because it is too heavy, the barbell will be dropped to the floor, not to the person's chest.


It is recommended that weight training lovers try first the simple barbell and only when they have a certain strength developed, move to the weight lifting bench that presents some dangers, as seen above. Both of these pieces of equipment, the barbell and the weight training bench, need to be used in the presence of an experienced gym personnel.


To use them properly, you need to wear specific gloves created for weight training or get your hands through a special powder or simple chalk, if you prefer to lift the barbell barehanded. Also, a weight lifting belt is required.


The most common exercise performed at the weight lifting bench is the one in which you have to bend your elbows and lift the barbell with your arms fully extended above your chest. Then, try to lower the barbell very close to your chest; for protecting your health, avoid a powerful impact with your chest.


This exercise should be repeated several times with the barbell having the same weight plates. If you consider you can go on and do some more workouts, attach some heavier weight plates to the barbell and repeat the previous exercises, only that this time, with more effort.

Barbells play a very important role in weight training. If you look for a professional weight lifting bench or painonnostopenkki for your gym or home, or for some weight plates or levypainot that you can attach to barbells, enter our online store and find everything you need.