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United States of America, 27/11/2013 Pandora Profits is an automated binary options trading solution that detects automatically the trading buttons on the user’s broker homepage and take the trades on behalf of the user by simply simulating some clicks on them. Pandora Profits uses brand new technologies in web apps to connect with the servers and receive real time professional signals. The signals are automatically sent by the neural networks algorithm for 12 hours- between 6am and 6pm GMT. 

It takes no more than 5 minutes to set the entire thing up and running. One simply needs to download Chrome, install the extension, log onto the broker, and define the trading account. Then all one has to do is just relax and let them do the work. Every single day, Pandora Profits takes screenshots of its own binary options account and exhibit them in the performance tab. It depends entirely on the market conditions on the number of trades per month but on an average, Pandora Profits send 80 signals every month. Pandora Profits and the computer need to be switched on the entire day (6am- 6pm) during week days. Now, if that’s a problem then one can consider in getting themselves a VPS. 

Pandora Profits is the best binary options robot that works independently on almost all compatible brokers. If the user doesn’t have an account with any of these brokers, then they can simply open an account from the site’s Pricing page. The site also lists the name of the brokers with whom Pandora Profits will soon be compatible with. Pandora Profits is not a financial adviser and hence cannot recommend in risking a certain amount of capital. The risk however, as shown by other clients, normally ranges between 1% and 5% of the initial deposit. 

The user can keep on trading or working from the home computer. But he/ she need to make sure that Pandora Profits is kept on in the background. They can even trade on their account manually while Pandora Profits is on. The computer needs to be on, with user being logged in so as to allow the trades to be copied into the account. If a user opens more than one account with different compatible brokers, Pandora Profits will certainly allow the user to trade with each one of them at each signal. However, if someone is having two accounts with the same broker, then they will require two separate subscriptions with Pandora Profits. 

Users will be facing certain troubles during the entire working process and that can be both internal and external. In such cases, users need to make sure that they have read and followed each and every step of the installation manual. 

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Pandora Profits is a fully automated solution for binary options. The signals service provider has remained a crowd favourite for a long time, simply because of its user- friendly features and unmatched services. 

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