Papa Ganja Collective offers pure, pharmaceutical-grade marijuana for those who need an easy, safe and legal way to purchase this drug. Now, Papa Ganja is excited to partner with the Werc Shop in Pasadena to provide testing for all medical marijuana varieties.

While the Papa Ganja Collective as seen at promises to provide top-quality medical marijuana for members, it is not possible to keep this promise without testing to be sure that all products are pure, clean and contain the proper amount of THC. Now, Papa Ganja is partnering with The Werc Shop, located at , to test all medical marijuana.

Before selling Orange County medical marijuana as seen at , Papa Ganja sends samples to The Werc Shop for testing. The Werc Shop offers the services of a team of Ph.D. scientists who have created the Certified Cannabaceuticalsâ„¢ program that uses the latest methods to test all medical marijuana before it is distributed. Before any Orange County medical marijuana delivery as seen at , Papa Ganja allows this team to test the quality of all medical marijuana offered by the collective.

The Werc Shop tests for THC quantity, the chemical composition of the marijuana and for the presence of any pesticides. By certifying every sample as safe and within the legal limits for drug quantities, The Werc Shop helps Papa Ganja provide medical marijuana for Orange County residents that is guaranteed to provide medical benefits in an effective way.

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About Papa Ganja Collective:

The Papa Ganja Collective is a members-only organization that offers safe, tested medical marijuana of all types for patients who are legally entitled to use it. With free delivery and a wide range of products, Papa Ganja serves Orange County patients with the best in medical marijuana services.

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