Paras Babbar’s battle with Dengue

Star Plus’s longest running show SaathNibhanaSathiya is still exciting the audience with its intriguing story line Ahem’s return on the show has added to it. Hectic schedule is not the biggest problem for show’s actor Paras Babbar. The actor is currently in a tough situation of choosing health over work and he is losing the battle with work.

Apparently, all is not well with the SaathNibhanaSathiya actor and its not his personal life. Paras has been suffering from high fever since 4 days now and the doctors have suggested that the reports are not looking great for him. The actor’s health is worsening and he is suffering from several other symptoms like head ache, joint pain, nausea, etc and the doctors suspect from the looks of it and reports that the actor might be suffering from Dengue. The actor, like several other people in Mumbai, has been victimised by the deadly disease.

The crew and the director of the show has several times now asked the actor to take rest and recover with it, but the actor feels the show must go on and hence has been shooting even with the immense pain and high fever. But now that the things are worsening for him, the actor has finally taken few days off to recover from the disease. As the crew wishes for his speedy recovery, the actor says, “Suffering from dengue fever is bad but not working until recovery is worse. I was shooting even when I had 104 degrees fever since I thought its just viral fever and would go away eventually. But it worsened over time, and I had to take an off on doctor’s instructions. I hope I recover soon from the disease. I wish to go back to work soon.”

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Atul Malikram