05, December 2014: The Statesman Journal has only just revealed what’s what for vehicle safety seat laws in the state of Oregon, while recommending that parents in other states make sure they do actually understand what the law is in their neck of the woods to avoid the occasion of a continuous family tragedy.

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According to the published laws in Oregon, kids under 1 year or weighing less than 20 pounds need to be positioned in an approved rear positioned car safety seat, though the official state spokesperson also added that the best practice is for moms and dads to keep their babies rear-facing up until they outgrow their safety seat, with the exact same recommendations being given by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Though the majority of US parents believe that the law for moving youngsters to booster seats is at 4 years of age, or when they start to weigh 40 pounds, however in Oregon, there is no longer a suggested age for the change over, with the existing laws just saying that kids need to be in a harness system till they weigh 40 lbs. Nevertheless, there are a growing variety of car seat makers, who are making harness systems which handle higher weight limitations. Families are still motivated to continue moving their youngsters to a booster seat once they reach the weight of 40 lbs, though ought to constantly keep in mind that when making the switch to a booster seat, lap belts alone can not be used, so using a lap and shoulder belt for a booster seat is a legal obligation.

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Also, kids up until 8 years of age or the height of 4’9″ ought to constantly be put on an appropriately sized booster, with the weight requirement no longer staying in force. The state representitve also discussed that the law which enforces the proper usage of seat belt systems might still override the car seat laws, suggesting that kids at any age, height, or weight, whether on a booster seat or safety seat, still need to be harnessed properly for moms and dads to avoid receiving a possible citation.

Mr Neil Speight, co-founder of kids line accessory business, Freddie and Sebbie, stated… “I frequently discuss the significance of moms and dads knowing the appropriate ways to keep their children safe and protected at all times while out in the car, so it certainly is worth looking into regional state laws about safety seat laws to avoid any possible citation. I understand how eager parents can be to simply forget the auto safety seat as quickly as possible, with many of our Amazon customers saying how their vehicle’s interior upholstery gets all scuffed up, but my recommendation is typically the exact same… Protect your kids first, and if you wish to avoid getting scuff marks on the car seats, then just buy a car seat protector.”

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