Parker Piano lessons offers the best training for playing the Piano, for the infants and the adults from Naples and the adjoining areas. The trainer holds 17 years of experience in training the novice and the advanced piano players.

Naples, Florida (June 03, 2016) - With Parker piano lessons opening for lessons in Naples, adults and children from the region can expect to get the guidance that will enable them to learn the tricks and tips of playing this musical instrument. The instructor, Avery Parker is a passionate musician himself and he holds 17 years of experience in providing musical classes to people of various ages.

Music has wonderful effects to heal the stress and strain in life and people who aspires to become a professional musician needs the best of training  and guidance to master the art of playing musical instruments. At Parker Piano Lessons, the adults and the children can expect to learn the best techniques of playing the piano and the vast experience of the trainer enables him to bring the best training in a style that becomes conceivable for the adults and the children in a style that is conducive for their ages. The studio accepts the beginners as well as the folks that need advanced training. Admission is permissible to students over 5 years of age.

Parker ensures that his students are learning the basic of classical modern music with special care taken on the learning of the staff notations. Students get the chances to choose their class time as per their convenience and Parker charges highly reasonable lesson fees.

Parker stated “As a passionate music lover myself and a trainer, my objective is to guide the novice and the advanced students to master the techniques of playing the piano and most importantly, my objective is to make my students love music and enjoy playing the piano. Music has the potential to teach life lessons and elevate the quality of living and my job is to trigger the passion for music in my students”.

About Avery Parker
Avery Parker is a professional music teacher with around 17 years of experience in offering musical training to children & adults as well as to the novice and aspiring professional musician. Please visit for more information.

Parker Piano Lessons
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