There are some things which never grow out of fashion - a stretched limousine for example. It has never gone out of style to arrive at a destination in a luxurious car and limos stand as a symbol of luxury, comfort and social reputation. Luckily for our generation, you need not actually own a limo to enjoy its benefits. You can simply hire it from an established company which offers this service at affordable rates, such as SLA — Starlight Luxury Transport Association. Party bus rental options in a range of limousines are also available which allows you to arrange for group tours and gatherings in style. So if you need limo service in the Tampa Bay area, you must search SLA for the option which will suit you best.


SLA — Starlight Luxury Transport Association is indeed our best recommendation for limo rentals. The Luxury Transport Industry wouldn’t be the same without Starlight, because this association has a wide range of vehicles to rent, its reputation preceding them everywhere in the USA. If you are thinking of renting a limo, than keep in mind numbers: the 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo and the 14 passenger Wedding Limousine are two of the newest acquisitions available from SLA. If you are thinking of renting something else, you can think party buses, yachts, boats, private planes or (why not?) helicopters. SLA ensures quality luxury transport on ground, water or air for the best rates on the market. So there are good reasons to considering SLA as the best source for such luxurious services.


The limousine has earned its name in the automobile industry for a variety of reasons. Not only does it provide the highest quality of riding comfort, it is also sturdy and more spacious than any other car. Moreover, limos are a rare sight in most localities and neighborhoods. So if you need limo service on hire, it also means you are going to get second glances from passers-by. The list of activities you can indulge in within a limousine is endless. You can opt for party bus rental and enjoy the highest seating capacity with excellent amenities inside.


If you are preparing for any office event, you need limo service to impress your clients and colleagues. You can be assured of a punctual arrival at your specified venue. Moreover, the chauffeur who comes with the rental would be qualified and certified by relevant authorities for his driving skills. You can just relax and concentrate on your evening ahead. There is the added advantage of not having to look for a parking spot as your chauffeur would take care of it. A party bus rental would be ideal if you are eager to entertain your guests while on the go.


These rental buses are usually the ones which can hold the maximum number of passengers. Though the company would request you to specify the amount of guests you are planning to host, you can be rest assured that more than 20 people would fit into them. But if your requirement is a corporate transportation service, then you can opt for a mini coach instead of party bus rental; because the coaches are designed for official meetings and traveling to corporate offsite locations. You need limo service in such situations which have minimalistic décor but at the same time, they can house some recreational activities. Party buses can host Entertainment events that you plan with StarBook — hire a talent from Starlight to bring some fun in the party bus: an actor, musician, vocalist, model, clown, dancer, hypnotist or any other talent you have in mind that you found in their listings’ pages.


So, book your ideal vehicle today. With easy and affordable rental prices, you just need limo service which helps you make any occasion classy. You can search for a premier rental service online and contact the managers through mail or phone. You can discuss their packages and go through their pricing lists. You can specify the limo you want for your special day and fix the pick-up and drop timings. If you are booking a party bus rental then you can even outline the route through which the limo should go to pick up all your friends. With just the click of a button, make your day or evening memorable.


For any occasion you may need limo service , browse the Starlight pages and see what is offered by SLA, at the most affordable rates. You can make use of party bus rental services or hire professional Entertainment from StarBook.