, the site that lets any road user contact any other road user, has announced a revolutionary new feature which enables members of the public to immediately email any driver who attracts their attention. It only requires a number plate or registration.


Jack is standing at the bus stop on a bleak Monday in November. A truck suddenly veers towards him, soaking his clothes with a massive splash from the murky brown puddle on the roadside. Wiping his eyes, he catches the truck’s registration, 85KE99999. Jack whips out his phone and fires off an angry email:

To: [email protected]

Subject: Show a little consideration! You splashed me at the bus stop outside Starbucks downtown today.

The truck driver checks that week and reads Jack’s message.  On Friday he trundles past again – slowly, carefully, and taking pains to avoid the puddles. is a FREE service connecting road users anywhere in the world. Using email or the website, users can tell the drivers of ANY other vehicles what they think of them.  They will also learn how other road users feel about them.

“It’s all about driver education, road courtesy, and constructive feedback,” explains Geoff Gorry of  “On the one hand we have number plates: these unique personal IDs assigned to every car in the world. On the other we have the most sophisticated communications network ever invented. We thought, hey, let’s put them together. Maybe we can all learn a little.”

“The beauty of this system is that you already have a username,” he continues. “It’s your number plate. We’re encouraging everyone to sign theirs up before someone else does!” The social network you’re already in. Your car’s email address.