Attendees can get their free ticket registration.

(MYRTLE BEACH), (SC), June 9, 2016 — Savvy Entrepreneur, Marketeer, Business Owner, and Get A Clue marketing Show Creator, David Deke, is excited to announce as well as invite everyone out there to come take advantage of their life changing program that is dedicated towards helping participants discover the secrets of making money by doing what they love.

Dubbed as ‘2016 Passion to Profits Summit,’ this upcoming event would feature a host of progressive leaders in an online and informal setting, where loads of relevant and targeted topics on ‘how to turn your passions into profits’ would be discussed and debated upon.

Details of this remarkable event are as follows;
> Venue: Online “Google Hangouts”
> Date: Monday-Friday, June 20-24, 2016
> Time: 9:00PM EST
> Admission: Free (Early Registration Strongly Encouraged)

Attendees can get their free ticket registration on the following links — and

Truth be told, the number of available vacancies out there is nothing when compared to the number of qualified and employable individuals who are in need of a job. Report says; no fewer than 40, 000 college grads are been produced and released into the labor market annually, seeking to occupy job positions that are virtually non-existent.

Also, a good number of those who have a job are presently tired of the rut they find themselves, and are desperately looking for a new lifestyle. It was this realization that made David Deke put together this enviable summit that guarantees to give virtual participants a competitive edge, as well as lead to the birth and emergence of creative entrepreneurs.

“I am absolutely thrilled that ‘Passion to Profits Summit 2016’ is finally here. So many people are working at jobs they hate. Either, they don’t get treated with respect by their bosses or they are tired, of ‘same old thing.’ No chance of promotion and no chance of getting ahead. It is time for such people to join and attend this event, and take action” said David Deke, the Director of Passion to Profits Summit.

David continued; “Our VIP special speakers will share their wisdom and knowledge on the "HOW TO" create the lifestyle you have been looking for.” This team of outstanding influencers include; Delilah Taylor, Kenneth McDonald, Dr. Lonnie Riley, Paul Davis, Ashleigh Sottlie, David Deke, and many more.

Excerpts from the profile of these Authors, Inventors, Self Publishers, Director, Product Creators, etc. can be seen at

“Thousands of people don’t know how to use their skills and talents to create the income and lifestyle, they only dream about. So many people have waited their entire lives for a summit like this, now you don’t have to wait a single moment longer. I am delighted, and I know all participants would be pleased too” Deke concluded.

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