Boston, Massachusetts, July 18 - The slip and fall attorneys Boston, at Patriot Law Group ( believe you should be compensated for a slip and fall accident that, through no fault of your own, causes you pain, lost time at work and other financial and physical injury.

When you slip and fall due to the negligence of someone else you can be entitled to just compensation and that‘s where the slip and fall MA attorneys at Patriot Law Group come in. A slip and fall accident can occur from ice and snow on a sidewalk, a wet floor, or a number of other negligent acts. Many of these accidents are serious, resulting in hospital stays, lost income and weeks or months of rehabilitation.

Patriot Law Group slip and fall attorneys Boston live and work in the local area. As such, they know the local laws, the local courts and the local slip and fall attorneys MA that large companies or insurance firms may hire.

“There are two things you should never do if you‘re the victim of a slip and fall accident,” said Irwin Pollack, lead slip and fall accident attorney MA and founder of Patriot Law Group. “First, never sign anything until you‘ve consulted with a good slip and fall attorney MA. And second, stay off of Facebook and other social networking sites.”

According to Pollack, more than one slip and fall case has been compromised when photos or other items from Facebook are found that seemingly show a slip and fall victim as active and unaffected by an injury.

“Something as innocent as saying ´I‘m feeling better‘ can be used against you by a slip and fall attorney Boston working for an insurance firm,” Pollack explained.

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