Health Tech startup Paubox gives back to the Mission District they now call home

San Francisco, CA, December 8, 2015— Health Tech startup Paubox reached an important milestone for any SaaS business with its 100th customer in November. The one-year-old startup has seen quick growth averaging over 20% month-over-month. With that growth has come a lot of change, the biggest being a move from Honolulu to San Francisco in February.

Founder Hoala Greevy wanted to celebrate Paubox’s 100th customer and say Mahalo to their new homein the Mission District of San Francisco with a taste of Hawaii,by giving away 100 Spam musubisand socks earlier today.
“The Bay Area is definitely the place to be for any startup that is looking to grow,” said Greevy. “And the Mission District has been the perfect community for us to be based out of.”

In the past year, Paubox has grown from 5to over 100 customers in over 28 states and Guam. The startup has found a niche in solving smaller healthcare providers’ need for HIPAA compliant email( and cloud storage solutions.

“The majority of providers in the US are smaller, they don’t have an IT department or HIPAA compliance officer to help them out,” said Greevy. “We found there is a need for a simple, secure, email encryption that works without the hassle of portals or extra logins. We’re happy we can give that to our customers.”

Spam musubi is a staple in Hawaii, and is a popular snack and lunch food composed of grilled Spam on top of rice, wrapped together with nori (dried seaweed) in the tradition of Japanese omusubi.

Paubox is a provider of HIPAA compliant email encryption that requires no extra steps for the user. Instead of remembering passwords, downloading software, or using a portal, users just write and send email as normal from any device and Paubox seamlessly provides end-to-end encryption.

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Hoala Greevy
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