Port Perry Ontario, Canada; 06, December 2014: Paula Weisflock (BHA, MAEd, CHIM) is pleased to announce the official launch of her revolutionary new website “Wealth of WOW“, a highly inspirational website designed to promote positivity in life and help women achieve success and growth through positive transformation.

With Wealth of WOW, Weisflock shares encouraging messages, photos and videos in hopes of promoting humor, happiness, positive thinking and moments of inspiration for readers. A firm believer that WOW inspirations can create a competitive advantage in personal and professional endeavors, Weisflock offers a Daily WOW and encourages others to submit their WOWs to share with the community. Her website also features a blog covering various topics of interest to women; including weddings, pets, nature, food, family, health promotion and personal growth.

Weisflock is now writing her debut self-help book with the goal of inspiring women to re-assess their mindset and to start living boldly and on purpose. Her book is entitled, Transforming Venus: A Toolkit and Guide for Stuck Goddesses!

To hear updates about the book’s progress and to receive some WOW inspiration, simply visit www.wealthofwow.com and sign up to her WOW community. Those who will join will get a free eBook, 7 Ways to Bring More WOW to Your Life!

About Paula Weisflock:

Paula Weisflock has been a college professor and holds a Master of Arts in Education, with a specialization in adult learning. With a vested interest in positive psychology, she hopes her Daily WOWs and blog posts will help promote more everyday positivity among readers.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Paula Weisflock
Phone: 1-800-439-4558
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.wealthofwow.com