, a website dedicated to providing information about cryptocurrencies, was recently updated with more information about Paycoin, the latest cryptocurrency system. The website was created by a group of web entrepreneurs, who are seeing Paycoins as a new alternative to the traditional currency-based transaction system. also predicted that when it came to online transactions, Paycoins and other cryptocurrencies would, in the near future, turn real currencies obsolete. According to the website, Paycoins have already started to change the global market. Furthermore, the website reported that the number of e-commerce websites that accept Paycoins has also began to increase. also offers tips and insights and daily news for serious investors.

Paycoins are software based online currencies that are accepted by a number of ecommerce websites these days. They are SHA-mined cryptocurrencies and are built upon a Proof of Work and Proof of Stake holding system. This latest cryptocurrency is, reportedly, causing much excitement for serious investors. maintained that Paycoins are quite unlike any other coin created before it. The website also maintained that the cryptocurrency could help individual miners make a fortune online. Paycoins which use the latest currency encryption techniques can be used all over the world.

Besides keeping readers updated with Paycoin news, also keeps tab on the current forum discussions in GAW Miners. The website recently also announced that another initiative from GAW Miners, Paybase VISA, an equivalent of PayPal, would be unveiled in the near future. contains many more informative articles about Paycoins such as how they are different from other cryptocurrencies, how Paycoins could help reduce prices and benefit merchants and many more.  A representative from stated, “Our main goal is to make sure that more and more people are aware of the Paycoin system and that they adopt the new currency system.” To get more information please go to

About is an online resource for information on Paycoins. It offers daily news and insights on Paycoins and Paybase.


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