United Kingdom; 08, August 2015: Many people have a passion and need for maintaining a well built greenery spot. It requires constant efforts and experience to come up with turf and keep it well maintained. Laying new turf has been turned easier with so many turf suppliers operating in this industry.Paynes Turf is one of the distinguished turf suppliers with four decades of experience. It specializes in offering a range of high quality turf, topsoil, wood bark, soil improver and grass seed. The company has been manufacturing hard quality turf for different clients ranging from gold players to passionate gardeners. All of these products are both eco-friendly and low on maintenance. Customers are welcome to research and buy turf online from paynesturf.co.uk.

Paynes Turf has been in this field for many years catering to the needs of commercial turf supplies. The company managed to strike deals with landscape seekers, sports turf professionals, developers and local authority departments. On the other hand, it has also satisfied the needs of amateur gardeners and homeowners. Paynes Turf has been helping homeowners to achieve an instant garden makeover through lush green lawn. Irrespective of size and location, the company has been working with professional landscaping firms throughout UK. Parks, schools, colleges, institutes, and offices have also used their products and services.

Among the turf suppliers Essex, Paynes is distinguished for deploying seeding programs for ensuring ample stocks for customers year round. Premium blended loam offered by the company is useful for laying flower beds and saplings in lawn. Various soil enriching products are offered for customers, one of them being wood bark. One of the well-recognized topsoil suppliers, Paynes Turf has many products in this category and keeps updating its website http://www.paynesturf.co.uk. All of them could be extremely essential to improve the appearance of any lawn. Premium blended loam and soil improver products are also available.

The premium grade turf rolls are available in different sizes for small, medium and large applications. The seed mix features perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue, strong creeping red fescue and others elements. Proper laying equipment is also supplied for the purpose of carrying out the entire thing. A friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to handle different queries in pre-sell and post sales period.

Paynes Turf is a well recognized and respected turf suppliers London with farms in Essex and Suffolk. These regions are primarily known for their high quality of loam soil. The premium grade turf offered is well known for high germination, durability, rich hue and thick even texture. Harvesting is done by experts based on the maturity level of turf to guarantee high quality.

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Paynes Turfspecializes in manufacturing, sale and supplying of artificial and natural turfs throughout UK. It is a family run business allowing customers to shop from online and offile destinations. The professional turf supplier has been in the field for the last 40 years. Visit the website for more information on products and services offered.