Specializing in web-enabled policy administration software , PCMS has added the convenience of secure access to information regardless of the client’s location. This data security means insurers can work with their customer’s information without having to worry about theft, corruptions, or system glitches.

A state-of-the-art infrastructure guarantees the quality of service plus successful implementations and disaster recovery provided by the company. The P&C policy administration software allows for a fully automated underwriting experience. Users can maintain rates, forms, and rules changes while point-of-sale automation is provided. The system can also be integrated with solutions from third-party providers.

The Atlas P&C insurance software covers many different areas. It features policy administration in addition to claim administration, receivables and billing, reinsurance, reporting, document imaging and archival, and the AgenTree overview. A number of security and workflow management features are included as well.

Property casualty software applications can be accessed via computer, or a mobile device or tablet. The Atlas system is intended to integrate with all of a client’s processes. Combined with security, users can be rest assured they can access their information while on the go or no matter where in the world they may be.

In addition, the latest Microsoft development tools are used to keep the system up-to-date and customize it to any client’s needs. This is also the case for the workers compensation software the company provides. Numerous customers have seen productivity increases and experienced declines in personnel and operating costs as a result of implementing PCMS software.

For more details on the company’s software, services, and secure data access, visit its website at www.pcmstech.com

About PCMS

Targeting the small to mid size business market, PCMS is a leading provider of P&C software. Its personnel have over 60 years of combined experience, developing products for the property/casualty insurance industry. Led by founder and President Beryl Goldman, the company employs a problem-solving philosophy and a methodology of using small service teams and the most current software development technology.