23, July 2015: The new PDF brochure software presented by FlipBuilder helps customers to easily turn their PDF files into brand advertising page turning digital brochures that would impress both business and private persons. The unique features of this software enable people to transmit the required business information online efficiently and at a very affordable price.

FlipBuilder provides low cost online cloud storage with their new PDF brochure software that helps people with no special skills or knowledge to create compatible digital brochures and present attractively their business.

Instead of static pages of reports, ebooks, catalogues, magazines that fail to motivate visitors, PDF brochure software helps people make their digital publications much more engaging for the wide public. The audience will enjoy the media rich and interactive user experience that this software creates and will inspire them to take an action.

Access to the Internet is not required to use the PDF brochure software, as it can be used offline after being installed on the computer. Users will be able to use all designing and editing features to turn their product into a content-rich and interactive brochure.

The FlipBuilder’s spokesman, Sam Huang, who is a the company’s senior software develop engineer, shares: “The innovative brochure software is highly recommended to start-ups, who will find this product extremely cost-effective and easy-to-use. Companies will be able to introduce their services and products to the global market and impress their clients with the digital pamphlets and brochures made with PDF brochure software”.

To find out more about the new PDF brochure software and its features, please visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/.

About FlipBuilder:

A team of professional designers and developers has created FlipBuilder as a revolutionary and innovative online publishing platform that converts static PDFs into interactive flipbooks. They are dedicated to offer their clients the best quality, cost effective and customizable digital solutions to meet their business needs.

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