23, August 2015: AnyFlip software company limited, creators and owners of the highly popular web content creation and marketing PDF flipbook software says it is still committed to helping their current and potential clients and partners to create powerful web content to promote their products, establish better active customer relationships and expand their brand names to new customers.

With a business portfolio boasting of several blue chip, A-list companies like DELL, P&G, PANDORA, IKEA, Airbnb, Wedding Magazine, Schneider Electric … and over 217,000+ happy users and clients worldwide, it’s no wonder the AnyFlip’s PDF Flipbook software is highly regarded on the internet by businesses, webmasters and website owners to create effective web content and useful but relevant information for their website, brochure and magazine audience.

PDF flipbook software by AnyFlip was designed to bring new inspiration and better ideas to the current content creation and marketing practices. Users of this software can now:-

- Convert PDF files to digital flipbooks which enable direct viewing on most internet browsers.

- Create rich multimedia content rather than just boring plain static text. Adding files like videos, audio, photos, slideshows, word documents, YouTube clips, eye catching animation on any web publication and social media channel at the click of a button

- Make flipbook viewable on all devices (PC, Mac, Android or iOS). Publishing offline versions of digital materials on DVD, CD, USB etc is also well enabled for onward physical distribution at tradeshows, meetings and fairs.

- Share PDF flipbook content to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the click of a single button.

- Boost profitable internet and e-commerce ventures by enabling every PDF flipbook viewer to shop right on the spot within any digital magazine, brochure or catalog. No need to navigate to an order page or any new webpage.

- Create unique, engaging content in 17+ foreign languages including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hebrew and even Basque. The AnyFlip PDF Flipbook software also supports Right to left (RTL) content reading and creation for content written in languages that are only readable that way e.g. Hebrew and Arabic.

- Do so much more too numerous to mention.

Just like Stephanie Keith, another happy user of the AnyFlip PDF flipbook software and e-marketing manager says “If you are still worried about managing your online marketing profitably, I strongly recommend AnyFlip to you. Use AnyFlip to create cool multimedia digital brochures for your branding and online promotions without any coding and expensive programming!

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