Users who need to convert and edit PDF files can now easily do that with the help of this PDF To Text Converter.

PDF files have pretty much become the norm in today’s professional setups and they definitely have their advantages too. These files can be used to store text, graphics, images and a lot more. They can be opened using different platforms as well. But the problem arises when they have to be modified for whatever reasons.

That’s the basic function of this PDF To Text Converter , according to its claims. It gives users the option of editing these files whenever they want to. This app is meant to be quite simple right from the word go and can be downloaded without any problems. And since there is no installation required users can get to edit the files at the earliest.

The converter works smoothly and quickly to their benefit as well. To begin with, users can now convert multiple files into text format at the same time. Since batch file processing is possible users can get a major chunk of their job done within hardly any time.

But the timeliness is just one of the highlights of this converter, which allows users to save the extracted files into a new folder on their computer. As soon has conversion has commenced a new folder is opened on the computer and the files can be stored there directly.

The converter gives users a lot of freedom as well because they can select phrases, content in the original file while leaving out images and graphics. Interested users can find out more about the converter and its features by visiting the website

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