Guangdong, China, August 23, 2014: The world of LED lights is still evolving, with a new range of products hitting the marketplace every now and then. In such a scenario, the consumers remain clueless about choosing the best products for their residential, commercial and other application requirements. This is the reason why China based Pealriver Lighting Electric Company is offering their free guidance for consumers to help select the best LED lighting solutions for to fulfill their lighting requirements. Pealriver is the leading supplier of Led lighting products and they have a wide range of products in their portfolio. 

The spokesperson of the company maintains that the LED bulb light is the most common type of Led product that people across the world purchase for their cost-effective and energy-saving lighting needs. According to him, today there are several types of LED bulbs available in the market. One can purchase LED bulbs with a dimmable feature which saves more energy. Pealriver Lighting has high quality SMD LED bulbs that come with extra brightness. These bulbs are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings and are available at wholesale prices. 

According to the spokesperson, the LED ceiling light is also becoming more popular for their functional features. He maintains that people should focus more on its design and the materials used in its preparation. For example, the material should be of higher thermal conductivity and a good heat dissipation and air convection can protect the light from extra heating. These ceiling lights can be used in stores and showrooms and other commercial places where bright light is important. 

In the recent times, the LED panel light is witnessing great demand for its useful applications. Pealriver Lighting recommends choosing the best quality LED panels that have been designed to fit into a space and can save energy. In comparison to halogen lamps, these LED panels can help save 70-80% of energy and can prove very cost-effective for consumers. 

The LED light has many benefits for the mankind because of its energy saving features. Pealriver intends to create a better awareness about LED lights and offers its products at wholesale prices. To know more about their products and prices, one may visit the website

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Pealriver Lighting Electric Company is the LED lighting fixture manufacturer and wholesaler based out of China. The company provides a wide range of LED bulbs, LED down lights, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights at competitive prices. 

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