LA Speech Therapy Solutions is a trusted Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy provider.  Their diligent team of occupational therapists has acquired the necessary education and training coursework to provide their services to those in need.  At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, their occupational therapists care about the children they work with and desire to see them thrive in all areas.  This establishment is one of the most reliable Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy treatment providers in Los Angeles and beyond.

Parents who are worried that their child isn’t performing in school or not hitting the proper developmental milestones, either physically or mentally,  Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy should be considered as an option.  Their team carefully analyzes your child’s abilities and overall development to establish the best treatment plan for them to live a full and meaningful life free of restrictions.  Each plan is prepared to fit the needs of the child in question, allowing for the best results and outcome.

This Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy center is equipped with all the tools required for your child’s treatment.  They offer home visit treatments, which is great for the child, as they are likely to perform better in an environment they are comfortable and familiar with.  In addition to their Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy service, they even offer specialized speech therapy for children that are having problems with their speech and language abilities.

About Los Angeles Pediatric Occupational Therapy

LA Speech Therapy Solutions is a Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy treatment center.  Their therapists offer their services to patients in the greater Los Angeles area.  They specialize in providing treatment for children and adolescents who are struggling with developmental delays.  For more information about LA Speech Therapy Solutions, and visit their website, call (323) 954-0887, or stop by their offices, which are conveniently located at 117 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Website:

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