In the eyes of many people, Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter is so small. What can it do in daily life? In fact, it offers wonderful riding experience because of adjustable saddle. It has excellent adaptability to many different road conditions, for it has two powerful wheels. It also can be applied to all kinds of occasions, thanks to little figure.

On the new product release conference, Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter presented in front of audiences. Many of them were curious about what it can do in daily life. After introduction, people have to admire the powerful functions of Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter. The following is going to share them one after another.

Compared with other electric scooters, Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooter owns much richer riding experience, for it is equipped with an adjustable seat, which is a magical and wise design. “Adjustable” here means that the seat can be extracted and also be pressed down on the board. That is to say, Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooter has two riding modes, including sitting-posture and standing-posture riding. Riders can choose one according to their own need.

Fosjoas U1 saddle-equipped electric scooter’s strong adaptability to many different road conditions benefits from two small but powerful wheels. The high-quality tyres is produced by world-famous manufacturer and the specially-designed tread on them paves the way for mighty road holding capacity and fantastic skid resistance. In outdoor environment, Fosjoas U1 electric scooter has more extraordinary adaptability. Fosjoas U1 electric scooter can weave freely whether it is on bumpy countryside paths or rough mountain lanes.

Small figure, comfortable riding experience and strong adaptability must widen the application occasions of Fosjoas U1 self-balancing electric scooter( It can appear in both small space and large-scale place, such as trunk, elevator, office, library or shopping and so on. In daily life, Fosjoas U1 self-balancing scooter has become a high-efficiency travel transport for people. In leisure time, riding Fosjoas U1 self-balancing scooter is also an interesting activity. More importantly, the muscles of whole body are fully relaxed during riding. Don’t forget that all controls of Fosjoas U1 self-balancing scooter are realized by adjusting body gravity.

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