Beijing - The refrigerator such as mini bar is certainly the essential appliance for every household. However, in the using process of the mini freezer, people should inevitably encounter with some problems which could not be avoided. In that kind of situation, people should take some special measurements to maintain their new refrigerator. Today, the most famous online seller for display cooler which website is would let people know the maintenance rules for people¡¯s beverage cooler.

First of all, people should pay attention to whether the placement for the refrigerator and mini bar is  reasonable or not. However, the placement for the min bar should be easy for the refrigerator cooling. On the other hand, people should also carefully check the power supply of the mini bar. People should confirm whether it is the dedicated line for mini freezer.

Second, before the using for the mini bar, people should carefully read the enclosed product manual and check various components of the refrigerator and mini bar. The power supply of the home using refrigerator are mostly used the single-phase AC power supply, normal operation. However, if the voltage fluctuation is very huge, it will affect the compressor¡¯s work or even burn the compressed machine of the mini bar.

Thirdly, the engineer from website which is the high end supplier for absorption chiller has   display cooler  said that the refrigerator should use the single-phase three-hole socket and it needs the separate wiring. On the other hand, people should note to protect the power cord insulation and people should not let the high weight objects to press the wire and people shall not be free to change or extent the length of cord.

Fourth, people should take the relieving operation in the beginning of the using for the absorption fridge such as ammonia refrigerator. This is because that moving parts of new machine should all have a running-in process. In that kind of situation, people should not let the new machine has large amount of load which would have negative influence with the process of the new machine. However, after such long period of the relieving operation, people could plus a lot of running for some time. This way could help people extend the service life of the refrigerator.

At last, people should have a clearly mind that people could not put too much food or other thing  minibar  in the new ammonia refrigerator. However, people should leave appropriate space to keep the air circulating of the new mini bar. On the other hand, the long time operation at full capacity should be avoided. The hot foods should be placed in the mini bar after cooling.

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