Perfection Maid Easy is a family-owned business offering cleaning services in Irvine. The company believes that a clean home is very essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Based on customer’s experiences, the company was highly rated for its cost efficient services and use of standard cleaning equipments. Recently, the company announced that it will now offer free re-cleaning services for those customers who are not satisfied with its work. This shows the company dedication in providing 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

Perfection Maid Easy is a notch higher than the traditional maid services. It is known for using 100% green cleaning products and a percentage of the booking fees are always donated to charity. Its maids are high trained and professional and they bring their own cleaning supplies. To provide total security and safety to its customers, the company maids are insured and bonded. It also believes in cost transparency and its services is said to be free of hidden prices. There are many situations where cleaning companies do not provide the needed services by its clients, however, Perfection Maid Easy assures customers with complete satisfaction.

Its cleaning service is not limited to certain areas of the house; the company takes care of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and other extra corners of the house. Prices are charged according to the number of rooms it cleans. Interested customers can check the official website for different pricings. For a single bathroom, it charges $60 and for 5 plus bathrooms the charges can go up to $100.The pricing chart differs for bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

With social networking becoming very important for businesses, the company is now on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Yelp. Customers can reach out to the company through phone and email provided on its website. It also provides gift cards and other discount codes for its frequent customers. For more information please go to


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Perfection Maid Easy is a family-owned cleaning service in Irvine. It provides free re-cleaning service to customers who are not happy with its work. Customers can check the website for pricings and different services it provides.


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