When you own a business, the most important thing that you want to achieve is success. However, the trip does not end there and if you want to continue having revenue that is increasing with every quarter, then you need to take a close look to all the aspects of your business and to intervene where you should. With performance measures in every single department, you can apply solutions even though the actions of a specific department does not come with direct financial gaining. One of the most important kpi examples in HR, a department that has an indirect effect on the company's evolution is the training days offered to employees or the sick days taken by them.


These are just a few kpi examples of the factors that can be measured in such a way that you would be able to evaluate the impact of every single event on the performance of your company. When it comes to performance measures, if you want to make sure that you have been able to take the right ones, then you need to have something that you can measure, find the right indicators that you can measure it with and be able to interpret the answers that you get. The more indicators you have, the more specific you can be on the problems that need to be solved immediately. When you are able to measure the performance of a department or of a project, the moment you see something is not going right, you can make some modifications right away.


When talking about other kpi examples that you can apply to your business, you need to know that there are hundreds available out there and that you just need to be able to identify the right ones that would help you with your company. For this, you need to establish the field in which your company operates, the departments that it is composed of and what are the factors that you want to measure. For instance, if you are selling a product on the market, then one of your key performance indicators could be profit for product, which will tell you exactly what you make for every single product that you sell.


Another great example of such an indicator would be profit per project, fact that would show you if the last performance measures that you took were the right ones or not. So, if you undergo a new project, in a month you will be able to meet with the managers again and talk about the evolution of this project, the profit that the company has made from it and go to a deeper level. You can have clear numbers on the people that have worked for the project, on the marketing strategy for the project, even on the way that it was received by the public. It is all about performance.


If you want to know at all times what is going on with your company, you need to take a look at a few kpi examples and see which ones apply to your own needs. With these indicators, you can always be sure that you have taken the right performance measures!