People who are used to insurance policies think that falconry liability insurance is going to cover some of the aspects they will go through when they are going hunting with a trained bird. Even if this is true to some point, if you turn to the right source, you will get much more than that and this is where you will find a few examples.


The cover amounts you will get with the falconry liability insurance are pretty high. They offer up to £10k to cover a person’s accident and they will also offer £300 as a daily hospital benefit. If you will have to face legal action, you will find a financial aid of up to £25k and you can use this money to take care of your legal fees.


Apart from these perks, you will also find others with the falconry liability insurance. If you are interested in buying falconry equipment, you will get quite a few discounts from a number of vendors if you will become a member. There are many offers that will help you train your bird of prey with a lot less effort as well.


For instance, if you want to buy a falconry perch from an online store, you will no longer have to pay the full price for it. Depending on the vendor you will get in touch with and on the discounts they are willing to offer, you will get a better deal for it. If you want to buy other products as well, the discounts will start to add up.


If you want to know what you will need to do so you can benefit from the discounts on the falconry perch and the other items, you have to visit the site of This is where you will find all the details you need to know about the perks you will get when you become a member and how you can start the process.


For a small fee of just £24.95, you will enjoy all the perks you have read about here and more for a period of 12 months. There are many other privileges the members will enjoy and you can learn more about them after you will join the community. It is a much safer way through which you can train your bird of prey.


Since you will buy the falconry perch and all the other items you need for a lower price and you will also be covered for any accidents that may occur along the way, the financial aspects of the training will no longer be an issue for you. The best part about the insurance policy you will close is that it will cover you for shooting and fishing as well and thus you can enjoy one of the best experiences in the countryside with no financial worries.


Falconry liability insurance is one of the best options you can use when you want to be covered for the actions of your bird as well. Even if it acts like an insurance policy, if you will visit the site named before and become a member, you will have a set of perks you can make the most of such as discounts for a falconry perch or any other item you will need so you can train your bird.