Aidfile Recovery Software is best data recovery software which can help people recover files after they press “shift + delete” key to delete some files. 

Some people want to delete file permanently, and do not want the file to be recovered.Some people want recover file by mistake operation which permanently delete file. 

In response to some files that are mistakenly deleted due to SHIFT + Del or emptying the Recycle Bin with and no backup on memory sticks, USB, or hard drive, the Aidfile can make an immediate recovery of deleted files. Aidfile data recovery software has the industry’s fastest scanning speed so that the user can quickly find the deleted file. 

But in some cases, the user loses the file on the hard drive device due to damaged or overwritten files. For example, a wrong save of new file leads to loss of file information. At that moment, the user can select the quick recovery mode and then add details about the file, such as the file type, to find the file. 

It should be noted that the file name of recovered files will be Aidfile, so the user will need to verify that the file type, size, content, and information fits the targeting document. Aidfile provides many of the preview features, such as photos and picture files, so that you can directly preview the document without opening it. 

Aidfile supports many file formats, such as MS Office, picture, audio, video formats, and a wide range of system files, such as executable files. 

How can people delete file permanently? A simple way is that use other many enough files after delete files rewrites the disk or other storage.But if the hard disk capacity is too big, this way is not very useful.Then you need some permanently delete file softwares. 

If this,then everybody does not dare to guarantee that help you recover the files, but you can try, because if the permanently delete files softwares are not delete files thorough enough,and the data recovery software is goog enough, maybe you can recover your files. 

Sometimes, people says permanently delete file that is means using Shift + Del Key combination to delete or earse the file.As this meaning,we can recover the files very easy. So please do not worry about a mistake operation of this kind. 

Deleted file recovery is the basic recovery feature of any lost file recovery software. 

Most of hard disk drives are divided up into two or more partitions. And depending on the size or format of the partitions, each partition will has different purpose. The partition can be deleted while operating system reinstallation, or can be deleted because of the virus. If you notice that your important data, documents, photos, videos, files, programs are deleted because your partition has been deleted or same trouble happened, Aidfile Recovery Software can recover deleted partition. 

Why there are more than one partition in our computers? Due to its size and format, each partition has different usabilities. For example, our main operating systems are usually installed in partition C. However, these partitions may get deleted, missed or corrupted due to some unintentional reasons like: unconsciously deleting, power failure, viral attacks, uncertain system shutdown, software corruption, OS corruption. And the vital or important data stored on those partitions may become inaccessible which may create many hardships to a person who is depending on those data. Is it possible to restore a deleted partition? Or restore the data on this deleted partition? 

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