London; 26, October 2015: Gary Ousby’s Physical Wellbeing Ltd is the only company that offers DNA swab test diet plan delivery throughout the UK. According to Gary, the DNA Diet plan is a scientific method to help choose the workouts and the healthy food that aid in the quick weight loss. Gary maintains that this test has been designed by a PHD nutritionist, and research has shown that this unique DNA test method helps losing up to 33% more fat to remain fit and healthy.

Physical Wellbeing Ltd offers Diet Food Delivery anywhere in the UK. First, they sent the DNA swab test to the client after they make the payment and the test report is sent back to the client within 10 working days of receiving the test from the client. They have 5 or 7 days a week diet plan and which they deliver twice a week at the chosen client location. Gary reveals that the food has the right nutritional value for a person to feel energetic while getting rid of excess body fat, in an effective manner.

Gary Ousby is a Personal Fitness Trainer who believes in the complete physical wellbeing of the humans and the diet test method has been designed to meet the individual dietary requirements, offering the taste, nutrition as well as health benefits. He states, “After taking the individual food requirements into considerations, the diet is chosen that is unique to an individual’s DNA. This is the reason why the diet proves effective in losing weight and maintaining a good health.”

With this DNA diet method, the Personal Trainer London helps people overcoming the challenge of finding the right food that aid in the weight loss. Anyone who follows the diet on a daily basis can effectively lose the extra weight and get back to the shape. To learn more about this Personal Trainer Chelsea and the unique DNA diet test method, one can visit the website

About Gary Ousby:

Gary Ousby is a personal fitness trainer based in London who offers a variety of effective weight-loss and fitness training services to clients across the UK. His Physical Wellbeing Ltd is the only company to offer DNA test delivery services for people to choose effective weigh loss diet and workouts. Gary has so many celebrity clients who rely on him for the best fitness training.

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