Pest Management, Inc., a Houston pest control company , has added a product line so customers can protect themselves against bed bugs. These include Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements and pillow encasements plus draw liners plus various travel accessories and bed bug monitoring and detection systems. All available products can be purchased via the company’s online shopping cart.

In addition to Austin TX pest control , the company has added a new level of service. The products include mattress encasements in different sizes to accommodate any type of bed. BugZip drawer liners prevent bed bugs from getting to clothing and luggage and are made of tear and puncture resistant vinyl.

From the same company that provides a range of Austin animal control services , a range of clothing encasements are available. The company also carries various bug sprays, laundry bags, and even a portable heater for treating clothes for bed bugs. A specialized monitor is also available, plus an interceptor to prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs of furniture.

Animal control Austin is no longer the only thing provided by Pest Management, Inc. Access to consulting and training materials is provided too. Website visitors can also search the product catalog and purchase items through their own personal shopping cart. These products are ideal for residential, commercial, hospitality, school, medical, and transportation facilities and more.

For Austin bed bugs have been a problem for years. People can now tackle the issue even better. The bed bugs Houston has been plagued by now face a bigger foe. More details are available at

About Pest Management, Inc.

Pest Management, Inc. employs unique methods to eradicate bed bugs, pests, and more throughout Houston, Austin, and other parts of Texas. Each employee is highly trained in understanding the client’s unique problem, spending time eradicating or controlling it, and following the correct protocols. The company uses the K-9 detection method for bed bugs and was the first in Texas to use thermal heat to kill them.