When one thinks about spring, common themes come to mind such as flowers, warm breezes, pastel colors, chicks and bunnies. Spring and Easter season is the most common time many people make sudden decisions to get a baby bunny as a gift, usually won over by the super cute factor. 

Those sweet little baby Easter bunnies grow up quickly into adult rabbits. Many times in the rash moment to get this pet, the child or owner begins to lose interest in it. Sadly, many end up neglected or dropped off at shelters, where not many are adopted. 

Sometimes gaining knowledge of proper pet care and understanding rabbit behavior can make all the difference in the world for a successful rabbit pet home, for both the bunny and the humans. 

Author Amber Richards has written such an ebook called Everything about Rabbits: Including an Exhaustive List of Rabbit Breeds, to help turn the tide to help pet owners to have a more successful experience with their bunnies. Richards states, “Rabbits do make amazing pets, but proper care must be implemented. Thought should be given also as to which breed of rabbit would make the best choice in a particular situation.” 

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