Until recently, patients suffering from severe knee injuries and chronic joint pain had few options for relief, and for many, surgery was unavoidable. Los Angeles knee therapy at drfields.com improved with the introduction of PRP and Dextrose Prolotherapies, natural non-surgical methods of assisting the body to heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments and tendons. However, for those with cases of advanced arthritis, severe meniscus tears or labral tears, aggressive injuries, or those needing joint replacement, PRP and Dextrose Prolotherapy are not enough. For these extreme cases, Peter A. Fields, MD DC, now offers a groundbreaking stem cell Prolotherapy treatment in Los Angeles drfields.com

Stem cells have the potential to regenerate in any type of body tissue, and because of this unique property, as well as recent success in the research community, stem cell therapy has experienced a climb in popularity as an alternative to joint replacement. Peter A. Fields, MD DC, a leading expert in Regenerative Medicine, uses both bone marrow and adipose to collect stem cells in a non-surgical procedure to regenerate cartilage. In combination with PRP and Dextrose Prolotherapy procedures, Stem Cell Prolotherapy may provide complete healing without surgery.

Known as “The Athletic Doc,” Peter A. Fields, MD DC, is in demand as a leading authority on the subject of Prolotherapy in Los Angeles at drfields.com and throughout the nation. A featured lecturer among physicians and a three-time Ironman triathlete, Peter A. Fields, MD DC, is proud to be one of the only practices that provides PRP, Dextrose, and Stem Cell Prolotherapies, giving patients the best alternatives to surgery and ultimately the best opportunities for total healing.

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Dr. Peter A. Fields, MD DC, “The Athletic Doc,” treats athletes for all types of injuries. He has a unique understanding of athletic injuries because he is an athlete himself. Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center specializes in combining Western medicine with a blend of natural therapies including Prolotherpy.

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