28, August 2015: Peter Heise the singer and songwriter for Krism out of Miami Florida has released another sequel to the 'How To Think Of And Write Music' series on the morning of August 27th. Krism is known as a critically acclaimed Pop and electronic singer who has recently been featured on German YouTube star Topic's latest album 'Miles', Reverbnation featured artist twice, and also praised by high level producers such as Lewis Martinee (Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Celine Dion) and C-minor productions (Justin Bieber). This new blog post is part of a series of blog posts about how to write music from the perspective of a songwriter in the industry today. Peter Heise talks about human perception, trends, art, and the elements one should think about when writing music. This is a must read for any aspiring musician or songwriter as it covers tips and strategies for making it in the music industry today.

Peter says "this latest blog post really helps round out the complex ideas behind writing music and try’s to come to terms with the unifying reason people write successful songs in the first place and how these successful songs rise to their current state among so many unsuccessful songs. This is about figuring out why some songs go viral while others don't". You are not going to be left unsatisfied as a curious musician after reading this series. The eye opening write-ups are exactly what the doctor ordered for the confused local musician stuck in a niche or who fails to see the bigger picture due to lack of knowledge.

Follow the next updates in this series by visiting krismmusic.com and clicking on the blog tab. You will find a number of helpful blogs written by Peter Heise that cover different topics in music both from the past and today.