If you are a petite woman, you know very well how frustrating it is to find the dress of your dreams and to notice that it is either too long or too wide. Petite clothes are different from normal clothes, with a smaller backhand, shorter sleeves, etc. Petite girls, fortunately, can wear almost any style or outfit by learning some simple strategies that flatter their figure. They can wear petite dresses and simple dresses.


The first rule petite women must follow refers to the fact that they should avoid “sectioning” their body by choosing unsuitable designs and accessories for a short person. They should avoid wearing belts, especially wide ones because they will "cut" their body. Also, they should try to wear clothes in a single color or at least to avoid putting on outfits in contrasting colors, because when the two combine they create the same effect, of “cutting” the body in half. Skirts or petite dresses should always stop above the knee in order not to create the impression of a shorter leg. Legs can also seem shorter if you wear flat shoes. Such shoes are excluded, but many women do not realize the harm done and often wear them because they are so comfortable. Also, it is recommended that petite women should avoid shoes that are fastened with a belt around the ankle.


From the point of view of colors, simple dresses in one color make your body seem longer; nude shoes create the same illusion. Darker colors create the illusion of a slimmer body and you can forget about the boring black with the dark shades of green, blue, brown or purple. If you match the stockings with the entire outfit you will create a chromatic unit.


The dresses are very flattering. Those with an empire cut are extremely suitable for petite women. A dress does not give the feeling of “cutting” the body in two and, in addition, it suggests the lengthening of the silhouette. Keep the idea of simple dresses. Wear one color or one design from head to toe. A diagonal striped print is great because it adds curves to your figure.


Avoid long skirts and dresses. A too long dress can make you look even shorter, especially if it has an A-line. Focus on a length around the knee level. Do not resort to sophisticated cut lines and decorative details. It is too much and you will finally get lost in them. A simple, supple and fluid line makes you seem taller. A dress with a V- neckline favors many women, especially those who are petite, because it emphasizes the area of the neck. If you want to leave the impression of long, supermodel legs, then choose a short dress. If you do not want to emphasize your legs, choose a molded dress and not a princess one, because the latter will make you look fat and chunky.



Petite dresses and simple dresses can be found very easily in online stores. Visit them and study the offer before you make a decision.