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New Lenox, Il, 10/17/2015 ? The Pharmaceutical Companies purposely developed non-natural drugs even if the natural product works. Why? Because they would have little to no control and would make billions less than they do now.
Drug companies devote themselves to inventing non-natural molecules for use in medicine. Why non-natural? Because molecules previously occurring in nature cannot, as a rule, be patented. It is essential to develop a patentable medicine; only a medicine protected by a government patent can hope to recoup the enormous cost of taking a new drug through the government?s approval process.
The Pharmaceutical Companies purposely hire former FDA workers to work for them. Reason being the former FDA workers know ho to get a new drug pushed through the system and approved by the FDA. Once again, no matter who they have to step on just as long as they get it pushed through and approved.
Pharmaceutical Companies ca afford the very best lobbyist money can buy. This is how they have control over various government agencies such as the FDA and politicians as well.
There is a back door deal, something like a wink and a nod relationship between the Pharmaceutical Companies, the researchers, and the regulators.
According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC much of their business come from consumers that are not only tired of taking addictive medication but they also clearly see the whole picture and don't like being used and taken advantage of by the Pharmaceutical companies, the medical institution and the FDA.
If you feel like a prisoner of the pharmaceutical institution and all that follows it then take the holistic approach.
Miracle Alternatives, LLC is considered the largest holistic machine company on the Internet.
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