San Francisco, CA: Pharmacy Technician Coach introduces its new mobile-optimized website for a much user-friendly and fast access from smart phones, tablets and other small devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and many more. Built using responsive design and intuitive friendly interface, anyone who wants to know about Pharmacy Technician Training can now easily navigate through their website anytime, anywhere. 

Pharmacy Technician Coach is a valuable resource for individuals who want to undergo training and obtain certification from the State Board of Pharmacy. Enrollees will be accommodated and taught by experts who also have hands-on experience on this field and have worked as a Pharmacy Technicians themselves. 

Pharmacy Technician Coach offers online courses and caters mostly to people who want to study at their own pace. Cost-wise, online courses are way cheaper and more affordable as compared to technical schools and community colleges. 

However, there is a requirement for a certain work hours that should be undertaken and completed in a pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Before the on-the-job training starts, it is best to choose the desired pharmacy environment. 

There are several training options to choose from. For extrovert individuals, you are most likely to enjoy being around and entertaining different types of people and are more fitted to work in retail pharmacies. While for introvert individuals, you will feel more comfortable to have your training in a hospital pharmacy. Working in hospital pharmacy requires more advanced skills though. 

Since the worldwide web is the most sought after avenue of people seeking diverse topics, job opportunities, research, niches, tutorials, online courses, Pharmacy Technician Coach stayed on top of this demand to ensure online presence and easy accessibility to any device used for surfing the internet. 

Study shows that more than 50% of job searches are done on mobile devices and is growing dramatically each year. Likewise, it is expected that the use of mobile devices for internet browsing will surpass the desktop usage early next year. Hence, the launching of the Pharmacy Technician Coach mobile website is just timely so that people can start navigating through our mobile site as early as 2013. By 2014, we have surely improved and effectively optimized our mobile site by then for a comfortable browsing experience. 

As early as today, the site has added the latest mobile innovations, keeping in mind the fast mobile updates. Now there is no stopping for anyone who yearns to become a licensed pharmacy technician. Whether you are at home, shopping, in the office or anywhere else, applying for a training program to obtain Pharmacy Technician certification is as easy as A-B-C. 

Although not all State require certification, the number of State requiring certification from PTCB is increasing. Nonetheless, requirement or not, being a certified Pharmacy Technician opens wider job opportunity and more inclined to have higher salary offers than non-certified technicians. 

The industry is very competitive and there is no chance for anyone to be lax in this tough world, especially when it comes to promising job opportunities in the US. So much so, with the recent mobile website update from Pharmacy Technician Coach, there is no reason for you to be left behind. Be the first to experience our mobile-friendly website today! 

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