Rochester NH, September 31 — Many in the industry may not know it, but Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing ( is the number one provider to a top five medical device manufacturing company.

“We may not be one of the biggest contract medical device manufacturing companies,” said Adam Prime, CEO of Phase 2 Medical. “But, in many ways that’s actually a benefit to our partners” he explained. “One of our greatest attributes is to be able to take on medium to large projects right away, with an extremely robust medical device technology transfer process that assures confidence, quality and reliability when transferring a medical device product line. That’s something that really large medical devices manufacturing companies can also do,” Prime said. “But what they may not have is our flexibility and willingness to take on projects quickly.”

The Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing six-stage Technology Transfer protocol includes:

- Project Initiation
- Plan & Design
- Process Verification
- Implementation & Validation
- Production
- Continuous Revision

Inaddition to in-depth technology transfer, due diligence and risk assessment to assure a smooth process, Phase 2 uses continuous improvement processes to help reduce time to market and cost base.

“We’re ready to take medium to large medical device manufacturing projects right now,” Prime said. “We have the experience and the track record that proves our capabilities and flexibility to take on the most demanding product lines, Prime said.”

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About Phase 2 Medical Device Manufacturer
Phase 2 medical device manufacturing is a medical contract manufacturing company to large and small medical device companies. Phase 2 Medical specializes in medical device development, medical device engineering and medical device assembly for companies seeking medical product outsourcing. Phase 2 is a metrics driven company that manufactures medical devices to one of the five top medical device companies in the U.S. They use utilize sophisticated processes,including lean manufacturing, to build single-use medical devices and provide medical device manufacturing solutions to its client partners. For more information visit