27, December 2014: Philosopher, Singer and Songwriter Renata Leuffen has released a new album. The title of the enchanting album which features unusual and beautiful music is “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince”. It is a compilation of 10 unforgettable and inspiring love songs, among them “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince”,”I Want You To Marry Me”, “I Am The Apple Of Your Eye” and “We Lie In Bed”.

You Are My Fairy Tale Prince

“You Are My Fairy Tale Prince” is available on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-are-my-fairy-tale-prince/id945050610) and Amazon and all music stores.

You Are My Fairy Tale Prince

Video Music Stars.com reviewed the new album and writes that, “’different’,’alternative’ or ‘experimental’ does not even come close to where Renata Leuffen’s musical soul is wandering in.Her strength lies in her ability to surprise,astonish and stupedify the listener with interpretations that extend way outside the realm of conventional music compositon.” (http://videomusicstars.com/renata-leuffen-you-are-my-fairy-tale-prince-themes-of-love-princes-and-queens/)

“You Are My Fairy Tale Prince” made it to No 1 on the Soundclick Alternative music Chart on the 19.12., the first day when it was uploaded.Renata Leuffen is currently on Rank 4 of theReverbnation Singer and Songwriter Chart for London and on Rank 10 for England.

“My intention is to change this planet”,says the Who’s Who listed Philosopher,Singer,Songwriter and Educator. “I want to create a new humane and modern society in which people are happy.” And with a growing global fan base she is well on her way to impact our generation.

Malcolm Hill,UK based Musician on Reverbnation Rank 1 for Berkhamsted, says about Renata Leuffen that, “I can honestly say that it is a long time since I have heard vocals and songs like [this].Totally memorable.”

Renata Leuffen is CEO and Founder of Renata Leuffen Corporation and the London Youth Express and features inspirational songs,dances,talks and teachings on the Renata Leuffen Corporation Video Channel and the London Youth Express Video Channel on YouTube.

The fan base of Renata Leuffen is continuously growing.”I am reaching people all over the world with my music“, says the gracious Singer.”The majority of my fans are young people.I produce songs for adults and for young people.My children songs like ‘We Are The New Generation’ and ‘We Are The Children Of This World’ are quite popular.I want to change society.I want to see a world full of happy children and adults.”

The Philosopher is currently writing a new book which will outline her new Philosophy of Love. She released 7 music albums this year (“I Grow Love”,”It Is Time To Make Love”,”Happy Because You Love Me Too Much”,”Our Love Is Sacred”,”In Circles”,”We Are The New Generation” and “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince”.She is currently working on several new music and audio albums and will publish several teaching series in 2014.