Focused primarily on peace, environmental and social justice, Phlipping Paradigms is a musical extension of Jolie Diane's years of activism for our dear planet.  From the current campaign to derail geo-engineered climate change, to stopping endless wars, this new album "Phlipping Paradigms" highlights some causes that are relevant to our society, while inviting the listener to dance, sing and contemplate their own unique existence inside the universe.

San Rafael, California, December 8th, 2015 - Modeled after great rock and pop artists including Collective Soul, No Doubt, the Beatles and Bob Marley, Jolie Diane's music has always been an outlet for inner peace. Drawing from a variety of positive artists, her goal is to simply make people happy, while also addressing important global issues. Stating that peace on Earth is more than just a slogan, but rather a center of gravity, Jolie Diane believes that art has the power to touch hearts and minds, and alleviate some of the weight brought upon us by years of negative vibes.

Featuring the talents of numerous artists including Chris Detrick on Drums, Miles Schon on Guitar, Brian Wilkerson on Bass, and backing Vocals by Surreyya Hada, Maei Elizabeth Thomas, and Paijee Tiffany, "Phlipping Paradigms" is a diverse musical blend with  subtle peaceful overtones.  After investigating how music speaks to individuals, Diane found that the musical standard of 440HZ, has been found to induce feelings of anxiety.  She then retuned her music to 432HZ, which is the frequency of the Earth, also known as the Schumann Resonance.  This 432HZ frequency is reported to heal psychological and emotional trauma like PTSD as well as to repair DNA.   Phlipping Paradigms is music designed to soothe the mind, body and spirit, fused with ample energy to uplift your soul and rock you out.

Recorded and engineered primarily with Scott Llamas at Popsmear Studios in San Rafael, California, Phlipping Paradigms is a 432HZ masterpiece that unites listeners and, Diane hopes, will inspire more love and compassion for one another and for the world of nature around us.  Over the next six months, Jolie Diane will continue her fight against geo-engineered climate change and in stopping wars.  She is now finishing up some new recordings and a music video to support this activism called “In Plane Sight.”  Stay tuned...

"Phlipping Paradigms" is currently available on CD Baby, For more information on Jolie Diane, her peaceful blend of rock and ambient, and dedication to ending social and environmental unrest, visit Jolie Diane on Facebook

Listeners can also check out her music video for the title track, "Flipping Nine One One" at To hear the Lotus Dog music, please check out

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