UK: England’s leading supplier of event photography has today announced their latest move which involves a fully customisable hire pod for corporate events, press launches, club nights, weddings and a whole host of other special occasions. Those who lease the pod are able to take perfect quality photographs with some of the coolest, and funniest backdrops imaginable. Although there are a few competitors in this marketplace, none match the style and efficiency available from King of the Booth, and this is almost certainly why they’ve been growing healthily and attracting more business over the last few months.

Perhaps you’re releasing a new alcoholic cocktail and you need something to get the punters in, or maybe you’re considering holding a free event focused on promoting the products and services your business has to offer. Either way. hiring a booth from this reputable and respected specialist could add a somewhat magical element to your plans. If previous engagements are anything to go by, the people attending your event are certain to find the device enthralling, and so you might even have to employ a dedicated member of staff to ensure the queue doesn’t get too overwhelming for your guests.

Users of the booth are also able to select different filters and styles for the photographs, including black and white, and sepia. This allows them to customise their final image and ensure they create the best possible souvenir from your party, celebration or ceremony. On top of this, the exterior of the booth is covered in panelling that allows you to adjust the outside appearance to include advertising banners, or any other promotional material you may find appropriate. If hired for personal use at weddings etc, these panels can be filled with large photographs of the happy couple.

Once inside the device, users are greeted by a touch screen system that operates in the simplest way possible, which guarantees even the least computer savvy members of your group will have no trouble navigating the menus and taking their photographs. Sizes vary, and include everything from basic passport-sized strips to postcard sized prints, so there’s also a lot of choice on offer to those interested in creating a memorable image.

If anyone reading this press release wants to get in touch with King of the Booth directly, they should feel free to do so via their online portal or by using the contact information listed below this paragraph. The team here pride themselves on continually improving their services and ensuring all customers and clients walk away with a smile on their face. So, don’t hesitate to drop them a message if you’d like to receive a quote or you need some more information.

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