Thailand; 22 August, 2014: Obesity is one of the most common diseases prevalent all over the world. While there are several factors triggering weight gain in a person, the effects remain the same. Not only does obesity affect the appearance of a person but also affects the health. Obesity can lead to various abnormal conditions like rise in blood pressure, diabetes, and other such problems. Excessive fat may be said to be the result of the present lifestyle of people. There are a number of factors that are responsible for weight gain in a person. The most prevalent reason is an unhealthy lifestyle which includes lack of proper diet, lots of calorie intake, and lack of movement or exercise. Phuket Fit offers a personalized weight loss program that comes as a solution for the obese. The new program helps in a steady loss of weight that is safe on the health of a person. The services offered at Phuket Fit include Yoga, Fitness, Cleanses, and Health Food.

Overweight or obesity is the greatest challenges facing man today. While a number of solutions come up in the market almost every day, they need to be checked out for the ingredients used. Many can be allergic to such weight loss pills and products. Moreover, the effects are temporary in most cases. This is to say that these weight loss products have effect only till the time they are taken. The pounds return back shortly after the consumption of the products is stopped. The program offered at Phuket Fit is natural and healthy and ensures safe reduction of weight. The program involves fitness measures, yoga, cleanses, as well as health food.

The program is initiated with a consultation with the detox specialist who guides on detoxifying the body completely. This cleanses the body from within and purifies the blood. The program offers one-on-one training for weight loss. They offer a number of different classes ranging between circuit training and yoga, Zumba, TRX Suspension Training and more. The trainers begin their task by describing the workouts and their effects. The weight loss programs are planned according to individual goals. The program offered includes kick boxing, functional strength, weight training, kettlersize, cross-fit style, stretching, etc.

The weight loss program also focuses on eating. They offer a completely balanced diet so that the nutritional intake remains proper. The diet consists of a balanced amount of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The nutrition expert offers advice on proper nutrient intake for the body in order to stay health and fit while losing weight. The programs are offered for different periods like ten days, fourteen days, twenty one days, and twenty eight days.

About Phuket Fit:

Phuket Fit is a program offering a new and safe weight loss program. They have a team of wellness and fitness professionals who offer such services as Yoga, Fitness, Cleanses, and health food. For details, please visit the website.